Whelp, I finally heard back from Qidian and I didn’t make the cut. So, I won’t be continuing with these two stories, but I will leave everything I’ve done up. Sorry everyone.


Golden Age Legitimate Fei Chapter 49 part 3

Note: This is also unedited. In a secret location of Tianyi Pavillion somewhere in the capital, Han Ming Yue struggled into a room. Everyone inside panicked at the sight of him. “Bro, what happened to you?” Gentleman Feng Yue, a person who caused such deep hatred in parents that they can’t wait to sever his … Continue reading Golden Age Legitimate Fei Chapter 49 part 3


Hello everyone! I am in the process of applying to Qidian as some kind of fan translator so that I can get a closer look at their terms. It is taking me a but longer with translating the Chinese raws they gave me since I don't read Chinese, but I think it's coming along fine. … Continue reading Update